Saturday, March 6, 2010

Give Me A Dollar

If I Told You I need a dollar.
Because I'm Poor and live in a holler.
Because there is no jobs around in my little town.
I am forced to scrounge around.
I look around each day trying to find a way.
To bring a few dollars my way.
But nothing seems to work.
I guess people think I'm a lazy jerk.
But that's not true a all. I'm just backed against a wall.
And it seems no luck at all will fall in my direction.
I'm not looking for a hand out just a little change for what you read.
At least I'm giving you something and its not at all just greed.
I do indeed need money so I will ask you one more time if you have a dime or dollar extra.
Can I have it for my time?
Written By:
Gary L. Hess
All Rights Reserved