Saturday, January 30, 2010

Here It Is Again

Here it is again another bad Winter Storm is setting in. When will this end? Ever since the start of 2010. The storms are over and over again. One snow storm after another reminds me of the times I spent with my brothers. Playing Outside all day long in the snow. We would sleigh ride down the hills till we would turn blue in the gills. And head right back up the mountain to do it all over again. It didn’t matter how cold we would get because we were young and so full of it. We would snowball fight till our fingers were numb then grab our inner tubes and go do something really dumb. But those were the Good Old Days and all those Days are gone we all have started families and we have moved on. We don’t stay in touch like we did back then. We don’t call, we don’t write, we don’t even fight now that was not polite for me to say. But we are brothers and our blood is the same why do they put our family in so much pain. It’s really insane! I’ve tried to bring our family back together again. But no matter how hard I try it just seems they do not care. They both have major issues and it has made them very unfair. Those issues I won’t mention because I am sincere. I think back to when they were so small. I would have never thought they would EVER turn out this way at all. But you hang around the wrong people at the wrong place and the wrong time bad things are almost certain to happen each and every time. If you are not careful and watch what you do. You will certainly be singing a jail house tune or two. So back to this Snowstorm how much will we get? The way that it is snowing I’m sure a foot or two. It doesn’t really matter there is nothing me or you can do. The last storm that we received it was hard to get out my door! Mother Nature only knows what she may have in store. No matter how much we don’t care for some things that come unexpectedly into our path of life. We need to LOOK at it as if it were something good. For life has its strange way of showing us we are on the wrong path. Now I hope you enjoy the things that I write for I have no direction I just start to type. I don’t know where I am going or what I will say. I just know that after I complete it I feel Wonderful for the rest of the Day! What can I say?

Written By: Gary L. Hess
copyright (C) 2010 all rights reserved