Thursday, October 14, 2010

I Have A Tumor on Pituitary Gland

I have to have surgery on my pituitary the operation is very necessary.
I have a Tumor on my Pituitary Gland you see.
I had an MRI with the contrast Dye. So they could see deep inside my mind.
They say it's a simple operation. Yeah, A simple operation!
They started me, on Bromocriptine. A medicine to treat Hyperprolactinemia.
They are going to try to shrink it first, because My pituitary Gland is so enlarged it looks like is going to burst. I tell ya folks this is no joke. I just hope they can shrink it before the surgeons have to poke.There is a small chance of going blind because my optic nerves to eyes are growing very fond of this giant mass of whatever thriving off my brain matter. And when they go to remove the tumor there is a chance that my optic nerves could be damaged.. You see this is a (simple operation) WHAT? For who the guy watching with his fully functioning eyes!! So yes I hope the Bromocriptine works..... So just another post to bore you guys and to let you know i am still around was Dianosed also with Hyperthyriod disease, high blood pressure, diabetes, Low testosterone, Very High Prolactin Levels in the 467 range the highest my doctors have ever seen in a man in their careers of 30 + years. so with all the medicine i am taking i just feel like throwing up all the time and sick just sick YUK! So maybe I'll start writing again sometime in the future you all take care and GOD Bless You Keep me in your prayers! And thanks for following me. Gary L. Hess


  1. Hi Gary, We will keep you in our prayers.Brian

    1. Thanks Brian, I am so sorry for the late reply. I appreciate you stopping by..