Thursday, January 14, 2010


Yet another day that school is out. I sit around and listen to my kids scream and shout. They are happy because they can go outside and play. Yes, school was called off another day. I put some more coffee on, for me and my wife. It’s going to be a long day. But hey that is part of life.

If it keeps on snowing like it is today the kids won’t go back to school until next Monday.
Looks like the weather man is saying more snow again. Lord, what away for 2010 to begin.
I shovel and shovel and there seems like no end. I’ll wake up in the morning and I will have to start all over again. Over four feet of snow so far this year and this is just the beginning of winter my dear. It’s hard on the old folks and it is hard on my back I hate to complain and sound like a sap. This winter is colder as a matter of fact.

But, this bad winter will toughen our skin. But at the same time it will bring us closer to our kin. And we hope and we pray everyday that cabin fever doesn’t set in. It’s hard when you’re young and nothing to do. You know when it’s to cold outside after a minute or two when you start to notice your skin color changing to blue. So when it’s to cold outside then what do you do?

You pour the kids some hot chocolate and put on a big pot of stew. Maybe tell them a story or maybe two. Maybe tell them story about when you were a kid. Maybe there was something special your Mother or Father did. Just remember those special times when someone you knew maybe an aunt or an uncle or somebody close to you. And remember what they did to entertain you.

You need to cherish all these moments you can with your kids. And tell them you love them and share hugs kisses and grins. One day you will grow old. And it will be just you and your wife. All the kids are now gone they have started their own life. Now they will have kids and snow days as well. And maybe if you are lucky something will ring a bell. When, your grand kids are stuck in the house with nothing to do. Maybe, your kids will now know. And remember what to do………..

Written By:
Gary L. Hess
copyright (C) 2010 all rights reserved

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