Thursday, January 14, 2010

The Gift Of West Virginia

As I sit watching the snow fall gently across the yard. And watching the birds feed on that little bit of bread crumbs I put out for them this morning. I think back

To when I was a young boy and couldn’t wait to go outside and play. And now as each day goes by I wonder how the time will change me even more. Every gray hair and gray whisker that sets in. reminds me of how we let the time slip by not enjoying the things we use to. And wondering what to do because we have nothing to entertain us. What’s on television, what’s online, what trip to take, where to go, what to do. I remember when I was young I could spend hours just playing with dirt and completely happy and free of all worry. Of course I never really understood anything about the world at that point of time in my life. I know now that if you want something in life you have put forth a hell of a lot of effort sometimes to get what you desire in life. But we go through life pushing and shoving to get to here and there. We are always in a hurry! People complain of how they hate this town. But I can tell you those people never take the time to actually stop and smell the flowers, watch the birds, or take a hike through the beautiful country we have in our backyard. What ever happened to helping your neighbors out when the wind blows a trash can over into the street and someone runs over it with their car because they don’t have the time to stop and set it up out of the road. There are few people that have realized what we have in this beautiful valley of National Forest. People would pay lots of money to have what we have or live where we live. And we take it for granted each and everyday of our lives. I look around and see a gift from God shining down on us everyday. When I look out the window and see the Sun rise and the Fog lift out of the gorgeous Mountain View I have from my window. The clean smell of the Mountain air after a fresh snowfall, the smell of the flowers from the Rosie Sharon in the spring. The beautiful bloom of the rhododendrons .The people of this town are blessed to be part of this. With no cost at all just a little of your time to stop and enjoy it. So the next time you are feeling blue because you can’t afford to take that trip to somewhere else. Stop and take the time to look around and enjoy the gift that West Virginia gives us everyday of our lives.

Written by:
Gary L. Hess
copyright (C) 2010 all rights reserved

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