Friday, April 15, 2011

Spring Time Is Here At Last

Spring is finally here at last. Once again, we kicked old man winters ass. The trees and flowers are now at bloom and back to killing bees already so soon. I get excited to know that warmer weather is on its way. I miss the farm I grew up on and smell of fresh cut hay. Although, those days have come and gone. It still cheers me up to hear the robins sweet song. The smell of fresh cut grass is now in the air at last. And shoveling snow is temporarily a thing of the past. Now Easter is almost here, it's one of my favorite holidays of the year. Coloring Hard boiled eggs is so much fun and hiding the Easter eggs from the kids and watching them search for them and the way they run. Running here and there to find them all. I'm telling you guys I have a ball. Now making Easter baskets for the kids, Well now that's another thing. For you all know being parents we get no credit for that, Every kid will tell you "That's the Easter Bunny's Rap".. We all have been cooped up way to long with hardly a thing to do. Now, it's time to get out and play and do some things to break the winters gloom.

Written By: Gary L. Hess
1:58a.m. April 15, 2011
Copyright (c) 2011 All Rights Reserved

Saturday, February 12, 2011

It’s Been Awhile

Ok here it goes once again writing my feelings down without a pen.
Just typing away not knowing exactly what I’m going to say,
and pretty much just typing the thoughts that come my way.
It’s has been a while, that’s for sure.
I’m sorry to my readers but, here lately my life’s a total blur.
The meds I’m on make me so damn sick,
and agitated at times my friends now, just think I’m just being a prick.
Look, I don’t try to be I can’t help it at all.
I feel like my brain is being bounced against a wall.
I’m losing my sight as each day that goes by.
The Tunnel Vision and Cataracts, has taken over my eyes. I swear everyday,
I wake up there is a new unhappy surprise.
My wife sometimes just sits and cries, she says to me,
she wishes there was something she could do. To stop the pain I have inside.
The MRI’s the EEG’s oh don’t forget the Cat Scans oh please,
I can go on for days writing down all the tests I take.
That show the same results, but none of them can stop the pain.
I always feel the same. Oh well, what can you do?
But, live each day one step at a time.
I deal with it by writing poems, I like words that rhyme.

I am doing a little better now, I guess? As time passes by I’ll do my best.
I’ll take my meds each and everyday and hope and pray a miracle will come my way.
My wife is the best she’s encourages me everyday to get some rest.
I just wish I could, man that would be great!
The sleep aids, I take have the opposite affect on me.
I am like a little kid who has climbed a sugar tree.
I quit taking them just for that fact.
But, I still go for days on end without so much as a nap.

Well, wonderful people I thank you for following me on my journey as the time goes by.
It’s hard “financially” sometimes, to just make it by.
I work online everyday to try to make ends meet; it’s a toss up sometimes for me,
the Medicine or something to eat. I’m a big guy so you know what I’ll choose.
I sure like my food like a Drunk likes his booze. It doesn’t matter how much money you have,
filling prescriptions straight out, without insurance can be very sad.
I thank god everyday for “Google ads” and other things that I do.
If it wasn’t for your clicks or business, I don’t know what I would do.
Cause, believe it or not you help me buy my meds to get me through. And I thank you.
I have great products and offers I know. But, without loyal customers like you,
I don’t know what I would do.

Written By: Gary L. Hess
February 12, 2011
5:38 a.m.
Copyright © 2011
All Rights Reserved.

Monday, November 29, 2010

Here And Gone Tomorrow

Special times together can spark a lasting bond. For some of us that have family scattered far and beyond. You never know what you’re missing until they are gone. You can be here today and gone tomorrow and leaving your family feeling nothing but hurt and sorrow. So if you get the chance in life to make a good memory or two. Try to make it a good one so they can remember you....

Written By: Gary L. Hess
November 22, 2010 7:24 p.m.
Copyright © 2010

The Love Of Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is a very special time to celebrate the year, and be thankful for what you have that’s very close and dear. The thing I am most thankful for is finding someone close and wishing she was with us. That’s what I want the most. Even though she’s states away, I still feel that she is near. And the thought of her thinking of me brings me so much cheer. With thoughts, of love pouring from my soul. Hopefully she will always know. How much I love my Little Sister…..

Written By:
Gary L. Hess
November 24, 2010 5:36 P.M.
Copyright © 2010

A Poem To My Sister

Life is fantastic when all the pieces of a puzzle come together. They lay side by side in time stuck forever.
Until one day when one piece of the puzzle fits in. And you stumble across your lost next of kin.
It’s so overwhelming when you have found a loved one. And your search has paid off from the time you begun..
I’ve looked and I’ve looked and truthfully... I almost gave up..
and then I found my lost sister on a website called Face book.
Is the search finally over after all of these years?
All, I can say C.J. it’s hard to type with all these tears.
Like you said, a new chapter in life has opened for us. Lots, of unanswered questions for us to discuss.
It may take some time for some answers we seek. But, we will not give up till we have conquered this leap.
But, So far the dates and locations and times are all exact. I know you’re my sister it’s just a matter of proving that fact. I feel it in my heart and I know this is true because the emptiness… I had before has gone since I was reunited with you. I am so glad that I found you, no words can express. Thirty Five years of sadness has lifted off my chest.
I know I was two when you were taken away. But, I want you to know.
C.J. I have Thought, Missed and Loved you Every Single Day!

Written By: Gary L. Hess
November 22, 2010 at 3:13 a.m.
Copyright © 2010

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Video Poem Of The Gift Of West Virginia

Please enjoy the place where I am From.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

I Have A Tumor on Pituitary Gland

I have to have surgery on my pituitary the operation is very necessary.
I have a Tumor on my Pituitary Gland you see.
I had an MRI with the contrast Dye. So they could see deep inside my mind.
They say it's a simple operation. Yeah, A simple operation!
They started me, on Bromocriptine. A medicine to treat Hyperprolactinemia.
They are going to try to shrink it first, because My pituitary Gland is so enlarged it looks like is going to burst. I tell ya folks this is no joke. I just hope they can shrink it before the surgeons have to poke.There is a small chance of going blind because my optic nerves to eyes are growing very fond of this giant mass of whatever thriving off my brain matter. And when they go to remove the tumor there is a chance that my optic nerves could be damaged.. You see this is a (simple operation) WHAT? For who the guy watching with his fully functioning eyes!! So yes I hope the Bromocriptine works..... So just another post to bore you guys and to let you know i am still around was Dianosed also with Hyperthyriod disease, high blood pressure, diabetes, Low testosterone, Very High Prolactin Levels in the 467 range the highest my doctors have ever seen in a man in their careers of 30 + years. so with all the medicine i am taking i just feel like throwing up all the time and sick just sick YUK! So maybe I'll start writing again sometime in the future you all take care and GOD Bless You Keep me in your prayers! And thanks for following me. Gary L. Hess

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Give Me A Dollar

If I Told You I need a dollar.
Because I'm Poor and live in a holler.
Because there is no jobs around in my little town.
I am forced to scrounge around.
I look around each day trying to find a way.
To bring a few dollars my way.
But nothing seems to work.
I guess people think I'm a lazy jerk.
But that's not true a all. I'm just backed against a wall.
And it seems no luck at all will fall in my direction.
I'm not looking for a hand out just a little change for what you read.
At least I'm giving you something and its not at all just greed.
I do indeed need money so I will ask you one more time if you have a dime or dollar extra.
Can I have it for my time?
Written By:
Gary L. Hess
All Rights Reserved

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Here It Is Again

Here it is again another bad Winter Storm is setting in. When will this end? Ever since the start of 2010. The storms are over and over again. One snow storm after another reminds me of the times I spent with my brothers. Playing Outside all day long in the snow. We would sleigh ride down the hills till we would turn blue in the gills. And head right back up the mountain to do it all over again. It didn’t matter how cold we would get because we were young and so full of it. We would snowball fight till our fingers were numb then grab our inner tubes and go do something really dumb. But those were the Good Old Days and all those Days are gone we all have started families and we have moved on. We don’t stay in touch like we did back then. We don’t call, we don’t write, we don’t even fight now that was not polite for me to say. But we are brothers and our blood is the same why do they put our family in so much pain. It’s really insane! I’ve tried to bring our family back together again. But no matter how hard I try it just seems they do not care. They both have major issues and it has made them very unfair. Those issues I won’t mention because I am sincere. I think back to when they were so small. I would have never thought they would EVER turn out this way at all. But you hang around the wrong people at the wrong place and the wrong time bad things are almost certain to happen each and every time. If you are not careful and watch what you do. You will certainly be singing a jail house tune or two. So back to this Snowstorm how much will we get? The way that it is snowing I’m sure a foot or two. It doesn’t really matter there is nothing me or you can do. The last storm that we received it was hard to get out my door! Mother Nature only knows what she may have in store. No matter how much we don’t care for some things that come unexpectedly into our path of life. We need to LOOK at it as if it were something good. For life has its strange way of showing us we are on the wrong path. Now I hope you enjoy the things that I write for I have no direction I just start to type. I don’t know where I am going or what I will say. I just know that after I complete it I feel Wonderful for the rest of the Day! What can I say?

Written By: Gary L. Hess
copyright (C) 2010 all rights reserved

Thursday, January 14, 2010


As I think of something to say each and everyday. The words of my heart flow out into the world. Or the World Wide Web as we all have came to call it. Just point and click and cut and paste the words of your soul into the vast world of technology. Share your deepest desires and emotions within seconds of a click of a mouse. Share your thoughts and feelings with anyone in the world. And let them know who you are inside. Give them your heart and your soul and let them decide what to do with it. Leave it in the hands of fate to decide what path you will take. What journey you will go on through the words that you type. I have come to realize that poetry doesn’t always have to rhyme. Poetry can be what you are feeling at the time or maybe what is on your mind. There is no certain length. And your poem does not have to show strength. It does not matter who you are, or how long that you may live. Just Remember that your words is the gift that you give.

Written By:
Gary L. Hess
copyright (C) 2010 all rights reserved

Girl do you know how I feel

Girl do you know how I feel.
My love for you is real.
Don’t run and hide stay here by my side
And keep me company. Girl you know,
How I feel about you, never ever leave me
Never ever go away. Oh girl my love is so true,
And I am always thinking of you. Please stay with me
For eternity. Girl, I love you. Forever and more, girl
You are the sunshine of my life and I want you for my
Lover and my wife. Please stay with me forever in my arms
You have the beauty and all your charms. Please stay with me
For eternity. Girl I love you forever and more…….

Written By:
Gary L. Hess
copyright (C) 2010 all rights reserved

Have you ever wondered?

Have you ever wondered why the sky is blue?
Have you ever wondered why we have one left and one right shoe? Have you ever wondered who invented the canoe?
Have you ever wondered about a girl named sue?
Have you ever wondered why a love is true?
Have you ever wondered why when you’re sad they call it blue?
Have you ever wondered why I love you?
Have you ever wondered?

Written by:
Gary L Hess
copyright (C) 2010 all rights reserved


Snowflakes are like tiny little stars that fall down from the heaven to glisten our yards.
When we were kids we would catch them on our tongues.
And the first sign of them we all knew winter had begun.
Snowflakes are small and so unique you can’t find two them same
No matter how much you seek. As I look out my window and watch them fall down
Have you ever happened to notice there is nobody walking around.
When they arrive we all think they are nice.
Because, they turn our yard into a winter paradise.
Snowflakes are small and hard to see but they can make
It hard to travel from point A to point B.

Written By:
Gary L Hess
copyright (C) 2010 all rights reserved